Ultimate Muscle Protein

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1 July 2015


Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP) serves up a massive dose of multi-species, muscle building, metabolic-boosting proteins and free form aminos. It bathes your muscles in a blend of non-essential and essential amino acids derived from 6 of the highest-quality protein species available. Unlike many other protein blends, UMP contains a very high 80%/20% blend of casein (‘slow’) and whey (‘fast’). The perfect proportions of proprietary proteins are formulated to help jumpstart and then sustain muscle protein synthesis. The proven method of building muscle and losing fat with high protein, low carbs, and moderate fat is easy to follow with Ultimate Muscle Protein. The slow and fast digesting proteins in UMP, along with a high amount of free form glutamine, arginine and BCAAs create the perfect anabolic duo for building muscle while accelerating fat loss.

The Harder You Train, The Harder UMPWorks For You
Ultimate Muscle Protein loves to go to work on the serious bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast with goals for lean muscle that far exceed what ‘Mother Nature’ ever intended to occur naturally. UMP thrives on giving your body what it demands to get lean and muscular...and helps you do it fast! An UMP shake delivers 6 species of the highest-quality protein on the planet, and it’s absorbed within minutes. You will feel full and satisfied after drinking one of these thick and creamy treats. The fast and slow proteins allow for rapid peak of blood amino levels followed by sustained elevation...so even hours later; your muscle aminos are still high.

UMP was created to make your process of building muscle a delicious experience. In fact, with UMP in your supplement arsenal, you can look forward to a guilt-free, muscle-building, treat in place of meals, between food meals and after every one of your workouts.


Body Building Republic Going Wild...

The Standard Directions for using UMP: Add one or more scoops of Ultimate Muscle Protein Drink Mix powder into 1–2 cups of water or low fat milk. Shake or blend until smooth. For advanced lean muscle gains take 2 or more servings daily.

Or, put the desired amount of UMP in a bowl and add enough water to make it cookie dough consistency! Takes seconds to prepare and what a treat, it's awesome!!

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