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1 July 2015

You want more muscles and less fat right? Well to do that your body must make more protein than it breaks down. But if you think pounding down an endless supply of chicken breasts 24-7 is enough, guess again. To build major muscle, you MUST consume the right kinds of high-quality protein, and consume it frequently! This poses a problem for most bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts... because nowadays, relying on whole foods alone is simply not enough. It’s virtually impossible to get what you need from food alone... you need to supplement.

UMP is a powdered drink mix contains a high content of Milk Protein Isolate (MPI) (90% by protein weight). 20 grams of protein per serving, 90% (18 grams) of which is high leverage MPI. 80% slow-release micellar casein and 20% fast-release whey, glutamine, arginine and BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine) to encourage greater muscle anabolism and support of growth hormone (GH) output, dual muscle-building (anabolic) and muscle-preserving (anti-catabolic).

"Gaining Above-Average Muscle Requires Above-Average Protein!"
But thinking just any old can of protein powder will work is a big mistake. You might as well be drinking a cup of strawberry jam if the proteins in your powder don’t contain all the amino acids necessary to build the muscle you want. Look. If you want to increase your size, decrease your fat and enjoy a taste treat so good you may not want to eat whole food again, you can get it all with one product, the New Ultimate Muscle Protein.

Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP) serves up a massive dose of multi-species, muscle building, metabolic-boosting proteins and free form aminos. It bathes your muscles in a blend of non-essential and essential amino acids derived from 6 of the highest-quality protein species available. Unlike many other protein blends, UMP contains a very high 80%/20% blend of casein (‘slow’) and whey (‘fast’). The perfect proportions of proprietary proteins are formulated to help jumpstart and then sustain muscle protein synthesis. The proven method of building muscle and losing fat with high protein, low carbs, and moderate fat is easy to follow with Ultimate Muscle Protein. The slow and fast digesting proteins in UMP, along with a high amount of free form glutamine, arginine and BCAAs create the perfect anabolic duo for building muscle while accelerating fat loss.

The Harder You Train, The Harder UMPWorks For You
Ultimate Muscle Protein loves to go to work on the serious bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast with goals for lean muscle that far exceed what ‘Mother Nature’ ever intended to occur naturally. UMP thrives on giving your body what it demands to get lean and muscular...and helps you do it fast! An UMP shake delivers 6 species of the highest-quality protein on the planet, and it’s absorbed within minutes. You will feel full and satisfied after drinking one of these thick and creamy treats. The fast and slow proteins allow for rapid peak of blood amino levels followed by sustained elevation...so even hours later; your muscle aminos are still high.

Flavors So Good, You’ll Swear You’re Cheating
Forever watching what you eat, always refusing those treats can make you irritable! So, at the risk of being redundant, UMP is good! How good? Well imagine soft-served ice cream, or fresh baked chocolate cake. Think about cookies and milk... what tops your list? The three Ultimate Muscle Protein flavors allow you to enjoy any of these tastes. Like decadent treats that won’t blow your diet.

UMP was created to make your process of building muscle a delicious experience. In fact, with UMP in your supplement arsenal, you can look forward to a guilt-free, muscle-building, treat in place of meals, between food meals and after every one of your workouts.


Body Building Republic Going Wild...

Ultimate Muscle Protein Users Raving Over Results

Hundreds and hundreds of reports are coming in from people who are absolutely amazed and delighted with Ultimate Muscle Protein.
This overwhelming response is even further confirmation that UMP is protein done right! Here are some comments on the results people are having with UMP.

Beverly, Man, you guys have done it now. Not only do you have an awesome new protein drink in Ultimate Muscle Protein, but did you have to make it taste so good? Now All I want to do is drink, drink, and drink some more. Who needs to eat real food, when you have an awesome protein drink like UMP! I haven't even tasted the new chocolate flavor. I am afraid to for the fact I may get hooked even more. Thank you for making such fantastic products. You simply create the best quality products on the market and the best tasting. I know, I have tried them all. In a world that is so greedy and so willing to be dishonest to just make a dollar... I want to say THANK YOU so much for being honest and showing integrity. You guys are simply the best. Excellent products, excellent service, and great quality people to work with. I have never seen any company go so far to satisfy their customers. Rod Jeffries, Middleburg, FL
I’m leaner and harder than I have ever been. I can’t figure out what is going on, but the only thing that I have added is the Ultimate Muscle Protein. I am surprised how much I like it. It took me a long time to try Beverly, but I have been using the products for about 2 years and am extremely happy. Muscle Provider was my first Beverly favorite, but I am LOVING the new UMP. I now sell the products in my personal training studio as well. My clients love UMP because it tastes great and it’s easy to mix up and drink on the run. Ron Russell, Russell’s Personal Training
Ultimate Muscle Protein is a great source of protein and tastes more like a dessert than a meal replacement drink. It is a great compliment to the other Beverly supplements in my program. Beverly’s supplements are the best products in the world, especially for the common bodybuilder. Stephen Cary
The Standard Directions for using UMP: Add one or more scoops of Ultimate Muscle Protein Drink Mix powder into 1–2 cups of water or low fat milk. Shake or blend until smooth. For advanced lean muscle gains take 2 or more servings daily.

Or, put the desired amount of UMP in a bowl and add enough water to make it cookie dough consistency! Takes seconds to prepare and what a treat, it's awesome!!

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