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Ultra 40 beef liver tablets


Ultra 40 liver tablets are designed for the hard training athlete who demands NOTHING BUT THE BEST! Although Ultra 40 retains the biochemical spirit of the original, its nutritional value is greater than that of whole beef liver. All of the essential amino acids are present in Ultra 40 as well as B-vitamins, heme iron, naturally occurring minerals and enzymes.

What: Ultra 40 is a nutrient dense protein food (in tablet form) derived from raw Argentinean beef liver that is concentrated by vacuum drying at a low temperature. It is free of fats, carbohydrates, and any food additives.

Who: Anyone who wants to increase lean body mass, people who want more energy, anyone on a restricted diet, as well as those who are clinically stressed.

Why: Ultra 40 comes from grass fed, steroid free Argentinean beef and is the most potent liver product on the market. The concentration process removes unwanted calories and the addition of B-12 enhances protein metabolism.

How: Beginners start with 6 tablets per day, one or two tablets with each meal or shake.

Intermediates and advanced take one tablet per every 10 lbs of bodyweight divided over four to six meals (and shakes).


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